Mobile-App Development



Mobile-App is a term used to describe software developed specifically for use on small computing devices, like Smartphones, and Tablets, rather than Desktop or Laptop computers. Nowadays, almost everything is done with mobile phones.

Delegates will be train on creating diverse of mobile-Apps ranging from games, event calendars, reminders, etc. In the ICT industry, Mobile-App development is a hot cake. Several organizations are looking for people who can build apps for their businesses. Grab this huge opportunity and position yourself to become a mobile app developer.

Objectives: At the end of this course, you will

  • Know how to build Mobile App for Blackberry, iOS, Android and Windows phone?
  • Advance your career with ability to develop application (Apps) for mobile phones
  • Increase your income and be your own boss?

Who Should Attend? Those pursuing excellence and improvement in their web designing and development skills

Prerequisite: You must acquire the following before enrolment

  • Web Development skills
  • Strong Internet browsing skills
  • A Google’s Developer Account (we can help you with this)
  • Android Studio, Swift, etc
Course Outline at a Glance
Part 1 Part 2
  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Introduction to mobile Javascript
  3. Working with mobile CSS Framework
  4. Creating Pages & Navigations
  5. Working with mobile Widgets
  6. Understanding mobile Form widgets
  7. Introduction to Mobile Application Development using PhoneGap
  8. Introduction to Mobile Application platform (Android, iOS, and Blackberry)
  9. Introduction to Cross Platform Development 
  10. Project one
  1. Android Application Development In Depth 
  2. SQLite Database
  3. Setting up the emulator 
  4. Set up Testing and Debugging in the bf-row f-row-paddingser
  5. Introduction to PhoneGap / Cordova
  6. Installing Node.Js
  7. Working with Git
  8. PhoneGap Build
  9. Working with PhoneGap / Cordova API
  10. Deploying your app to a real android device
  11. Project Two
Part 1: 2 hours per day for 21 days
Part 2: 2 hours per day for 21 days
Mode Of Study
Instructor-Led training. The course is taught by one of our experienced qualified trainer. Online or at your comfort.

Poor/No Internet Connection!