MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint


PowerPoint is Microsoft's presentation software that enables users to create engaging presentations that consist of individual pages, or slides, which may contain text, graphics, sound, movies, hyperlinks, and other objects. PowerPoint enables users to add animation and effects to slideshow elements.

Presentations can be printed, displayed, notated, and navigated by the presenter.

We will teach beyond knowing how to create new presentations, apply design templates, manipulate text, insert graphics, prepare notes and handouts from PowerPoint slides, save presentations and more.


Who should attend?
People like Lecturers, Teachers, Presenters, etc, who desire to take their professional skills to the next level.

Objectives: At the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Demonstrate the basic mechanics of creating a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of using clip art to enhance ideas and information in a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of integrating information from other Microsoft programs into a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Automate your presentation so it runs on its own;
  • Enhance your presentation with special effects;
  • do much more

Prerequisite: You must have acquired the following before enrolment

  • Basic Computer knowledge
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Software (we can help you with this at extra cost)
  • PC systems

Course Price: 10,500NGN

Duration: Approx 7.5 hrs to complete

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Course Outline at a Glance
Part 1 (2D) Part 2 (3D)
  1. Understanding AutoCAD user interface
  2. Choosing a work process before you begin
  3. Customizing the drawing environment
  4. Creating of Objects
  5. Modifying Objects
  6. Talking with Drawing
  7. Utilizing AutoCAD Design Center
  8. Plotting
  1. Swtching from 2D to 3D Workspace
  2. Understanding the 3D workspace
  3. Creating 3D Models
  4. Modifying 3D Models
  5. Creating 2D Drawings form 3D Drawings
  6. Rendering of Models
  7. Modeling of MEP objects
Part 1: 2 hours per day for 21 days
Part 2: 2 hours per day for 25 days
Mode Of Study
Instructor-Led training. The course is taught by one of our experienced qualified trainer. Online or at your comfort.


Poor/No Internet Connection!